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WHO Essential Medicines and Pharmaceutical Policies

A gateway to comprehensive resources on Medicines Information and Evidence for Policy; Medicine Access and Rational Use; Medicine Programme Coordination; Quality and Safety of Medicines; Prequalification of Medicines and Traditional Medicine.

Management Sciences for Health – International Drug Price Indicator Guide

The International Drug Price Indicator Guide contains a spectrum of prices from pharmaceutical suppliers, international development organizations, and government agencies. The Guide aims to make price information more widely available in order to improve procurement of medicines of assured quality for the lowest possible price. Comparative price information is important for getting the best price, and this is an essential reference for anyone involved in the procurement of pharmaceuticals.

Multicountry price resources

A useful compilation of the various resources available on the web on medicine prices, especially on HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria medicines.

National prices sources

Links to a numerous national websites that publish medicine prices or related information

Health Action International – Medicine Prices, Availability, Affordability and Price Components

In May 2008 Health Action International (HAI) and the World Health Organization (Department of Medicine Policy and Standards) published the 2nd edition of a manual to collect and analyse medicine prices (patient prices and government procurement prices) across sectors and regions in a country, as well as medicine availability, treatment affordability and all price components in the supply chain from manufacturer to patient (taxes, mark-ups etc.). Governments, civil society groups and others concerned about the prices of medicines are encouraged to undertake a survey using the methodology outlined in the manual. Reliable data is the first step to exploring policy options and taking action to reduce prices and improve the availability and affordability of essential medicines. The results of over 50 surveys are currently available on the database, along with survey reports and other information.

Procurement and Supply Management Toolbox

This Toolbox has been developed as a central repository for a wide range of health-related procurement & supply management tools. The Toolbox contains a search engine to facilitate quick tool selection. If a tool is available in the public domain a link to the respective website has been provided to download the most recent version.