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The drug does the job, but the withdrawal is very unpleasant. Those in withdrawal are potential addicts (no negativity, just fact and warning). Do your research on withdrawal and other side effects before using. When taken for more than two weeks, you can become very addicted to it, so would not recommend it systematically and only taking it for sporadic use at work or on a first date, it removes anxiety and worry.

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Drug Name: Xanax (Alprazolam)
Tablet Strength: 300 pills x 1mg
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Let's try to find out what is the opinion of Xanax(Alprazolam)1mg consumers on Usa online platforms:

Abigail from Buffalo New York

Xanax has become my true salvation in the fight against anxiety – The drug works quickly and effectively. The result surpassed all my expectations. Diagnosed with anxiety and depression; if it were just longing and sadness with a desire to live, I would not have turned to such strong medication. My fears and anxiety have left me, and I can fully enjoy my life. Sometimes it is the only thing that helps. I have been taking Xanax for several months, and the results are excellent. The difficulties with anxiety and panic attacks have gone into the background. My life has become much calmer and more manageable. The drug helps. Of course, Xanax will not take away the anxious thoughts that one has no control over, but it becomes much easier because I physically feel very calm, as in some nirvana.

Allison from Burbank California

Feeling of anxiety –Xanax has changed my life. There is no longer that dreadful feeling of anxiety that plagued me. I'm now able to control my life, and that's wonderful. I appreciate it. I take half a pill a day. Initially, the doctor allowed me to add a dose if there was any severe stress, and I felt like I was going into a panic attack. During the three months of treatment, it happened several times that I drank 2-2.5 pills of the medicine per day. The feeling of calmness was also enhanced by sleepiness, loss of good coordination, and intoxication (as if it was not the medicine but two glasses of wine). Xanax helped me during my worst periods of anxiety. I no longer have to worry about panic attacks and nervousness. I can work and interact with people without any fear or concern. It has improved my quality of life. It's too early to talk about withdrawal symptoms, but I think that most of the medications from psychiatry entail a difficult withdrawal; it is essential to be able to cope with it, and, of course, in parallel with the medicines, you should work with a psychologist and do non-drug therapy, then, in my opinion, the result is much better, and the withdrawal is less painful.

Amber from Akron Ohio

After starting Xanax – I finally got relief from my anxiety. My life is no longer a constant source of fear. I can finally breathe easy and enjoy every day. This is an absolute miracle for me. One pill is enough for about twenty-four hours of relaxing and intoxicating effects. Sleep becomes very welcome and solid, but I felt like I was taking long breaths while falling asleep. So no alcohol! Xanax has helped me deal with my state of anxiety. I can now spend time with friends and family without fearing nervous attacks. I can finally live an everyday life. I like the fact that the drug works quickly. It works well with the drug - unhurriedly but with great concentration. After twenty-four hours, it's either rebound or withdrawal if I don't take another pill, which I've never done. It's panic attacks with a pulse under 150, sweating, and insomnia again. Now, you have to google alpro withdrawal and find a chart showing how withdrawal symptoms build up by day three and then go away in a week or so.

Belinda from Olathe Kansas

With Xanax – I was able to manage my panic attacks. I can now leave the house without fear or anxiety. I feel like myself again and can enjoy life. My quality of life has dramatically improved. After taking it, I found that my anxiety decreased, and I could spend time with people again without feeling anxious. Xanax is the best medicine I have tried for anxiety and worry but is very dangerous.

Violet from San Jose California

The dosage– After an injury at the gym, I became irritable and snapped over nothing. The treatment was long, I could not work out on the machines, and it drove me crazy. I started taking Xanax, and it changed my life. My condition has improved, and I can function normally in society again. My panic attacks are less frequent, and I can lead an active social life again. I don't have to worry all the time anymore. It's just unbelievable. This medication has done a miracle. I am grateful to have it. The dosage of the drug varies; my doctor prescribed 1 mg. but on the first day, I took only one pill at night. The condition was expected in the morning, so I advise you not to start with a high dosage immediately.

Jasmine from Santa Clara California

The effect – Xanax helped me to fight anxiety. Now I can lead a normal life without constant fear and anxiety. I can finally enjoy interacting with people and just living. It's amazing. The medication intake was like this: two pills a day. Took it for almost three weeks. At first, there was slight dizziness and drowsiness, but it stopped after a few days. I could take control of my anxiety and began to live a full life. I can now spend time with my friends and family without unnecessary anxiety. This medication is a lifesaver. Opinions about this tranquilizer are mixed; I think it helped me. I have become much calmer. My sleep has improved, and my irritability is completely gone. After I stopped taking the pills, I had no addiction to them.

Angelina from Davenport Iowa

Xanax really changed my life. – I am now able to cope with anxiety and panic. It is just wonderful. I have learned to control my condition and no longer feel constant anxiety. I noticed I had fewer headaches and got more things done daily. In general, the drug works; it helps. It relieves my panic attacks very well. I was able to go back to a normal life. My panic attacks are less intense, and I can spend time socially without fear. This is just wonderful. This medication has done wonders for me. The pill begins to work quickly in about 15 minutes, relaxation, and a state of calm comes on. It would help if you did not get used to this state; they work (for me, at least) for 3-4 hours. I can now safely interact with people and spend time outside without worrying about a panic attack. It has been a real relief, and I am very grateful for this medication. I was prescribed to take Xanax, one tablet a day at night, for a week. Then as needed. This was to give another drug from the antidepressant group a chance to work. By the way, antidepressants are sold more freely for some reason.