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Generic medicine – a pharmaceutical product usually intended to be interchangeable with the originator brand product, manufactured without a license from the originator manufacturer and marketed after the expiry of patent or other exclusivity rights.

Branded Generic – Generic medicines are marketed either under the approved international non-proprietary name of the active substance (INN) or under a new proprietary name chosen by its manufacturer as "branded generic". Names of branded generics are different from innovator brand names. Many different branded generic products of the same medicine can be on the market in a country ,along with the originator brand product. Branded generics are generics, however their price sometimes may be higher than that of non-branded generics. For this reason, here they are recorded separately from generics and innovator brands on this website in order to better reflect choices and price differences.

Brand name/ innovator brand/ originator – Generally the product that was first authorized for marketing worldwide (normally as a patented product) on the basis of the documentation of its efficacy, safety and quality, according to requirements at the time of authorization. The originator product always has a brand name; this name may, however, vary between countries.

Dosage form – the administration form of the completed pharmaceutical products: e.g. tablet, capsule, suspension, injection. Also called dose form or dosing unit.

Unit – the dosage unit in the pack: 1 tablet/capsule, 1ml syrup/suspension, 1ml injection, 1mg per vial, one dose per inhaler

Pack size – the number of units in one pack (i.e 20 tablets/pack; 100ml/bottle etc).

Manufacturer – A company that carries out processing and preparation of a pharmaceutical finished product.

Supplier – A company that buys goods from a manufacturer or importer and sells it to retailers or procurement agencies. The supplier may be an agent for one company only or deal with products from several companies. Manufacturers may also be suppliers for their own products.

Quantity/volume procured – the total quantity of the medicine contracted with the supplier in that round of procurement for which prices are reported.

Pack price – Price per one pack

Unit price – refers to the price per individual tablet, capsule, millilitre (for syrups/suspensions and injections), mg per vial and one dose per inhaler. The unit price is computed as pack price divided by the number of units in the pack.

For example:
Pack price: 1 pack of 20 tablets costs US$ 3.00
Unit price: US$ 3.00 / 20 tablets = US$ 0.15 per tablet

MSH median – represents median prices listed in MSH's International Drug Price Indicator Guide ( which are used as reference prices to facilitate international comparisons. There prices are recent procurement prices offered by both non-for-profit and for-profit suppliers to developing countries for multi-source products. These prices are reported voluntarily by suppliers and do not include insurance and freight charges.

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