Price Information Exchange

for Selected Medicines in the Western Pacific Region

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The "Price Information Exchange for Essential Medicines" (PIEMEDS) system contains procurement prices in the public sector for medicines that participating countries have shared voluntarily.   The project intends to facilitate regular monitoring of the medicine price information.   Data from national focal points are collected and processed by the World Health Organization.

As recommended in the WHO Regional Strategy for Improving Access to Essential Medicines in the Western Pacific Region (2005-2010), this information system was developed to addresses these relevant facts:

Comparative prices in this website have been illustrated in its pilot implementation in 2009.   Initially, selected 40 medicines are studied with the assistance of the UP National Telehealth Center.  At present, the database was expanded to cover up-to-date WHO Essential Medicines List (2015) that are made publicly available.  High cost innovative medicines are also included for authorized country representatives.   System features have also refined data collection mechanism with upload interface, local currency conversion, file sharing, and various data visualization.